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Probably the most important (although not universal) cultural feature present in most of the archipelago that you should be aware of is that of "face" or "honour," which stems from the principle of harmony. Harmony is considered so important that religious prohibitions on lying take a back seat to protecting someone's honour, which can be looked down on by foreigners. Harmony is, simply put, the effort to maintain peaceful co-existence and pleasant relationships. The harmonious organization of society is in fact the fundamental basis of wayang kulit plots and performances, and those of related traditional dramas, although some of these traditional values have been somewhat weakened in the process of transition from kingdoms through dictatorship to today's more democratic form of government. Nevertheless, conflict resolution is handled much differently than many foreigners might expect - don't expect that things will be done the way you are accustomed to.

It is expected that people here have a religion, especially since the first principle of the Pancasila ("five principles") is: Ketuhanan yang Maha Esa , roughly translated as "There's only one god," so don't feel offended if someone asks you about your religious beliefs. While you may exercise your right of religion (or not believing in one) at least privately, making disparaging remarks about any of the official religions is frowned upon as many Indonesians take pride in their religion by observing most or all of the customs tied to their belief. The law also protects anyone from doing so and you don't want to be prosecuted.

Roughly 88% of the population of Indonesia state their religion as being Islam, with all of them following the Sunni branch, making it numerically by far the largest religion in the nation and Indonesia the largest Muslim-majority country in the world. Nevertheless, all of the world's major religions are observed to some degree in Indonesia, and Indonesia officially remains a secular state, with all the state-sanctioned religions, at least theoretically, given equal status under Indonesian law. Although religious orthodoxies do vary across the Indonesia archipelago, the strict observance of Islamic dress codes apparent in some countries is generally absent. In larger Javanese cities veils and overt manifestations of faith are exceptions rather than the rule. In some regional areas and the devout state of , things can be considerably stricter. Do not be surprised if you can hear a chant of the azan without seeing a mosque, as that is commonly done by loudspeakers to call everyone to pray. Work paces may slow down on Fridays at midday as the males get down to pray at the mosques.

Despite being nominally Muslim, many local folk stories and customs which are Hindu, Buddhist or animist in origin are faithfully preserved by much of the population.

The other five state-sanctioned religions are Protestantism (5%), Roman Catholicism (3%), Hinduism (2%), Buddhism (1%) and Confucianism (1%). Hindus are concentrated on , while Christians are found mostly in parts of North Sumatra , Maluku, some parts of Java, Papua , North Sulawesi , Thomas Sabo Charm pendant AUNTIE white 127105114 Thomas Sabo 4Lvkw
, and Kalimantan . Buddhism, on the other hand, is mainly practiced by the ethnic Chinese in the larger cities, such as Bandung and Semarang . There are also some people in various parts of the country who practice traditional animist religions exclusively, and many Indonesians practice a form of Islam or Christianity that is syncretised with animistic and Hindu beliefs that their ancestors had previously followed. In Java, this syncretic belief system is called Kejawen, and while it is popular, it is condemned by the more strictly orthodox practitioners.

Following Carson Wentz's injury, Nick Foles stepped in and kept Doug Pederson's aggressive offensive approach on track. While Foles could not duplicate the athleticism and escapability of Wentz, he deftly handled the creative designs implemented by Pederson,starting with a four-touchdown performance against the New York Giants. His ability to make the right reads in the system and place the ball well was a big part of his success filling in this season.

24. Andy Dalton , Cincinnati Bengals

Accuracy: 17 /25 Arm: 18 /25 Under Pressure: 14 /20 Decision-Making: 13 /20 Position Value: 10 /10 Overall Grade: 72 /100

One of the first coaching casualties of the 2017 season was Cincinnati Bengals offensive coordinator Ken Zampese, who was fired after the Bengals lost in uninspiring fashion to Deshaun Watson and the Houston Texans in Week 2. Andy Dalton's early play was perhaps a reason why, as he threw four interceptions in the season-opener and failed to throw a single touchdown until new offensive coordinator Bill Lazor's debut in Week 3. At his best, Dalton can make a variety of throws with good timing and near-perfect placement. But there were more occasions when he was slow and deliberate with his reads, particularly when blitzed or pressured, leading to trouble.

23. Marcus Mariota, Tennessee Titans

Accuracy: 16 /25 Arm: 17 /25 Under Pressure: 15 /20 Decision-Making: 14 /20 Position Value: 10 /10 Overall Grade: 72 /100

Marcus Mariota entered the 2017 season with very high expectations, and I was one of those who firmly believed he would flourish in his third year. But if anything,Mariota regressed in 2017. His red-zone numbers , as well as his ANY/A , took a step back from his 2016 level of production. Some point to the offensive system as a reason for his play this year, but if you look at Mariota in the pocket, it seems like ball placement is off due to problems with his throwing base, whether injury-related or not. Mariota did miss time with a hamstring injury, and while I won't go for the obvious pun here, it does seem like his lower body held him back in 2017.

22. Tyrod Taylor, Buffalo Bills

Accuracy: 16 /25 Arm: 17 /25 Under Pressure: 15 /20 Decision-Making: 15 /20 Position Value: 10 /10 Overall Grade: 73 /100

Russell Wilson's playing style drew criticism, and the same held true for Buffalo's quarterback to start the season. Tyrod Taylor was often effective at times in new offensive coordinator Rick Dennison's West Coast-based passing scheme, but the team still turned to Nathan Peterman midway through the year even as it was in playoff contention. The rookie struggled, forcing the team to go back to Taylor. Yes, he can be slow at times with his reads and often fails to anticipate routes, but his progression as a quarterback and his continued ability outside of the pocket is dangerous. In the right system, and with an organization that believes in him, Taylor can be a solid starter in this league. Matter of fact, he already is. And with him as the starter, the Bills have their first playoff berth since 1999.

Practice Management | March 2018

Social media takes time, a scarce and precious resource for physicians. But just a few hours a month can be enough to empower physicians in myriad ways.

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B logs and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube may help physicians not only expand the reach of their practice but also influence online conversations with their own perspectives. It helps, though, to have clear goals in mind before you begin, said Kevin Pho, MD, ACP Member, an internist and founder of KevinMD , an influential health care blog and social media outlet online at He offered physicians a succinct piece of advice: “Don't just go on social media for the sake of using social media.”

Dr. Pho said that social media can empower physicians in three ways. “There's a lot of bad information online. You can go online and direct people to a reputable source, or you can be that source,” he said. “Second, if physicians don't define themselves, they will be defined by a physician ratings site, and they may not like what comes up. The third is to make their voices heard, especially when it comes to the ways in which health care is changing.”

The key to optimizing social media tools, in a nutshell, is determining what to say and how to say it, said Ira Nash, MD, FACP, senior vice president and executive director of Northwell Health Physician Partners in the New York City area and founder of “ Auscultation ,” a Northwell-hosted blog.

“Start by exploring what you are trying to accomplish, and those goals should drive what tools you use,” he said.

Audience is also an important consideration, Dr. Nash said, with the two primary choices for physicians being patients or other health care professionals.

“I think it could go either way [patient or physician], but it's hard to sustain both,” he said. “I got into online health because I wanted to start a new channel of communication among physicians in our medical group. … There [also] are people who are posting around a clinical area in hopes of burnishing their credentials and expanding their practice, and that's a different activity.”

Drawbacks, solutions

Social media takes time, a scarce and precious resource for physicians. But the number of hours spent is less important than sustaining a given channel or platform—on whatever schedule is feasible—after it launches.

Dr. Pho acknowledged that his part-time clinical practice and the 20 to 40 hours a week he spends on social media—not to mention his 3 million monthly blog pageviews—make him an outlier, but he said a one-time investment of a few hours can be more than enough to create a viable online presence.

Ebony Bird

Ravens sign RGIII: Let’s not get caught overreacting to this by Chris Schisler
Ebony Bird Podcast Episode 28: NFL Draft month is here by Jake McDonnell
by Chris Schisler Follow @footballman58
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When I look at my big board, I see a position that could have a sneaky level of intrigue for the Baltimore Ravens. The cornerback position is loaded this year. If the Ravens are at pick 16 and they have Josh Jackson or Mike Hughes sitting there, they have to be a little tempted. Pairing one of those top-tier pass defenders with Marlon Humphrey would give the Ravens a future in the secondary that other teams would envy.

Cornerback isn’t a desperate need for the team. In fact, I would argue that the Ravens are better off at the position than you would probably think. Jimmy Smith is an injury prone player, recovering from another injury. That would sound a lot worse without Humphrey, Tavon Young and Maurice Cannady. Young has proven that he can be a number two cornerback. Brandon Carr is still on the roster as well. The Ravens are kind of set at cornerback for the moment.

The argument for cornerback is that you can never have enough talent in the secondary in today’s NFL. There are four players at the cornerback position that Ozzie Newsome and Eric DeCosta would at least have to consider: Josh Jackson, Mike Hughes, Denzel Ward and Minkah Fitzpatrick. When you look at these names, remember Fitzpatrick is seen more as a free safety. The fact that Fitzpatrick can play both positions at a high level should intrigue the Ravens.

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